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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cooking and Sewing

The students in FN II will be making lemon meringue pies today. This will be their fourth pie lab so I am thinking that they are learning to be pretty good pastry chefs. I love to watch the pie labs because they attack making the pie shell as if they have not a care in the world. Most use shortening as the fat. Today I thought that I would remind them that lard is available. Yesterday I was suppressed to find out that a few students knew nothing about using a double boiler. A brief review is definitely in order for their future success.

Here are a couple of sites that explain when and how to use a double boiler:

Teen Living students will be sewing today which should give a few of them a sense of completion. Many pairs of PJ pants will be finished or atleast very close to being finished. A few pictures of finished products would be fun.

FN I students will finish their fruit pizzas. Much fun and eating will be done by these students. I love this lab and the joy that it brings to the students. This is the first time many will get to use their creativeness in the kitchen. All of the results are beautiful. Pictures of the completed pizzas are a must for all participating students.


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